CFP Estate Planning Class Preparation Materials

Publisher Powerpoint Slides:

Instructor Estate Tax Slide Presentation

Concept Reviews (Study Guides for Exams):

Estate Planning Slide Show Lectures:

The following include powerpoint presentations with lectures on
the noted topics.  They are in MP4 format, but the lectures may
be played on most MP3 players (such as Real Player) as well.  
They were developed for the 4th Edition of the Textbook, and
are a bit dated, but may nevertheless be helpful to you if you are
mindful of recent changes as discussed in class.

1.  Introduction to Estate Planning (Chapter 1)
2.  Estate Planning Docs Part 1 (Chapter 2)
3.  Estate Planning Docs Part 2 (Chapter 2)
4.  Property Interests (Chapter 3)
5.  The Probate Process (Chapter 4)
6.  Gift Tax, Part I (Chapter 5)
7.  Gift Tax, Part 2 (Chapter 5)
8.  Gifting Strategies (Chapter 5)
9.  Estate Tax, Part 1 (Chapter 6)
10.  Estate Tax, Part II (Chapter 6)
11.  Estate Tax, Part III (Chapter 6)
12.  Transfers during Life/Death (Chapter 7)
13.  Trusts (Chapter 8)
14.  Charitable Giving (Chapter 9)
15.  The Unlimited Marital Deduction (Chapter 10)
16.  Life Insurance in Estate Planning (Chapter 11)
17.  Special Elections/Post Mortem Planning (Ch. 12)
18.  Generation Skipping Transfer Tax (Chapter 13)
19.  Basic Estate Plan (Chapter 14)

Supplemental Materials:

Scuttle Case
        Scuttle Case Questions

Fiduciary Income Tax Return (Form 1041)
    Fiduciary Income Tax Return Instructions

    Publication 559 - Survivors, Executors, & Administrators
Will, GPOA, Living WIll, HCP Sample (Texas Law)
    Will of Lou Bock (Texas Law)
    Revocable Trust (Texas Law)
Thomas P. Langdon
The Tax Professor's Corner
Text:  Estate Planning for Financial Planners, 7th Ed (2013),
     by Michael A. Dalton & Thomas P. Langdon
Available from Money Education

Syllabus:   PFP 5398 Estate Planning - Summer 2014
            (Texas Tech University)