The Tax Professor's Corner
Thomas P. Langdon
Gabelli School of Business 3+3 Program


     The Three-Plus-Three Business Law Program is jointly sponsored by
the Gabelli School of Business and the Roger Williams University School
of Law allowing outstanding students to complete all requirements for
both a baccalaureate degree in business administration and the Juris
Doctor Degree in six years, as opposed to the traditional seven-year
period of study.  

      The Gabelli School of Business is one of only a few AACSB
Accredited Business Schools in the country that offers a joint
Undergraduate Business / Law School program to eligible students.

     The modified course of study for the Three-Plus-Three Business Law
Program continues to preserve the distinctive hallmarks of Roger Williams
University's liberal arts approach to education.  

     The program requires students to declare Business as their primary
undergraduate major, and to take the core business school courses
common to all business majors at the Gabeilli School of Business.  
Instead of choosing a specific business discipline as a major and taking
business courses within that field, the student can substitute first year law
school courses and commit to take law school electives in business
related areas to meet major and elective requirements.

     Students enrolled in the Program must apply to the School of Law
during the fall of their junior year.  It is recommended that they sit for the
LSAT during the October administration but no later than the December
LSAT test administration for that year.  Students enrolled in the Program
who satisfy all undergraduate requirements, who achieve an LSAT score
that is at or above the School of Law's median accepted score for the
previous year, and who present no serious character or fitness issues will
be guaranteed admission to the Roger Williams University School of Law.

     Students following the BS/JD program will be considered candidates
for the BS degree following the completion of the first year in law school.  
Candidates must file an application for degree with the University
Registrar before registering for their fourth-year courses (first-year Law
School Courses).

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